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  • 1933
    Guarda Queen Christina Streaming

    Queen Christina (1933)

    Queen Christina


    The popular monarch, Queen Christina of Sweden, must choose between love and loyalty to her nation when she unexpectedly falls for a Spanish envoy.

    Guarda Queen Christina Streaming ITA
  • 2007
    Guarda Nightwatching Streaming

    Nightwatching (2007)



    An extravagant, exotic and moving look at Rembrandt's romantic and professional life, and the controversy he created by the identification of a murderer in the painting The Night Watch.

    Guarda Nightwatching Streaming ITA
  • 1969
    Guarda Anne of the Thousand Days Streaming

    Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)

    Anne of the Thousand Days


    Henry VIII of England discards his wife, Katharine of Aragon, who has failed to produce a male heir, in favor of the young and beautiful Anne Boleyn.

    Guarda Anne of the Thousand Days Streaming ITA
  • 2002
    Guarda The Rosa Parks Story Streaming

    The Rosa Parks Story (2002)

    The Rosa Parks Story


    A seamstress recalls events leading to her act of peaceful defiance that prompted the 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Guarda The Rosa Parks Story Streaming ITA
  • 2006
    Guarda Sakuran Streaming

    Sakuran (2006)



    Anna Tsuchiya blasts back in time playing an oiran, a top-notched geisha of the Edo period’s Yoshiwara District, navigating brothel politics while trying to cling to the man she loves.

    Guarda Sakuran Streaming ITA
  • 2016
    Guarda Riphagen the Untouchable Streaming

    Riphagen the Untouchable (2016)

    Riphagen the Untouchable


    Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1944, during World War II. Andries Riphagen, a powerful underworld boss, has made his fortune by putting his many criminal talents at the service of the Nazi occupiers. But the long battle is about to end and the freedom fighters, who have been persecuted and murdered for...

    Guarda Riphagen the Untouchable Streaming ITA
  • 2009
    Guarda Glorious 39 Streaming

    Glorious 39 (2009)

    Glorious 39


    A mysterious tale set around a traditional British family on the eve of World War Two. Oblivious to the looming shadow of World War II, the wealthy Keyes maintain a confident façade in the British countryside until daughter Anne becomes an unexpected pawn. Her accidental discovery of secret...

    Guarda Glorious 39 Streaming ITA
  • 1967
    Guarda War and Peace, Part III: The Year 1812 Streaming

    War and Peace, Part III: The Year 1812 (1967)

    War and Peace, Part III: The Year 1812


    In 1812, Napoleon's Army invades Russia. Kutuzov asks Bolkonsky to join him as a staff officer, yet the prince requests a command in the field. Pierre sets out to watch the upcoming confrontation between the armies. During the Battle of Borodino, he volunteers to assist in an artillery battery....

    Guarda War and Peace, Part III: The Year 1812 Streaming ITA
  • 1970
    Guarda The Molly Maguires Streaming

    The Molly Maguires (1970)

    The Molly Maguires


    Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, 1876. A secret society of Irish coal miners, bond by a sacred oath, put pressure on the greedy and ruthless company they work for by sabotaging mining facilities in the hope of improving their working conditions and the lives of their families.

    Guarda The Molly Maguires Streaming ITA
  • 2016
    Guarda Fanny's Journey Streaming

    Fanny's Journey (2016)

    Fanny's Journey


    Fanny is a Jewish girl in a French orphanage in 1943. When she and her friends are no longer safe from the Nazis, they try to flee to Switzerland. After their guide disappears, Fanny has to take the lead and help the other kids make it over the mountains.

    Guarda Fanny's Journey Streaming ITA
  • 2017
    Guarda Chasing the Dragon Streaming

    Chasing the Dragon (2017)

    Chasing the Dragon


    An illegal immigrant from Mainland China sneaks into the corrupt British-colonized Hong Kong in 1963, transforming himself into a ruthless drug lord.

    Guarda Chasing the Dragon Streaming ITA
  • 1958
    Guarda The Buccaneer Streaming

    The Buccaneer (1958)

    The Buccaneer


    During the War of 1812 against Britain: General Andrew Jackson has only 1,200 men left to defend New Orleans when he learns that a British fleet will arrive with 60 ships and 16,000 men to take the city. In this situation an island near the city becomes strategically important to both parties, but...

    Guarda The Buccaneer Streaming ITA
  • 1985
    Guarda Revolution Streaming

    Revolution (1985)



    New York trapper Tom Dobb becomes an unwilling participant in the American Revolution after his son Ned is drafted into the Army by the villainous Sergeant Major Peasy. Tom attempts to find his son, and eventually becomes convinced that he must take a stand and fight for the freedom of the...

    Guarda Revolution Streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Guarda The Commander Streaming

    The Commander (2023)

    The Commander


    One dark night during the early phases of WWII, the Italian Royal Navy submarine Cappellini sinks an armed merchant ship sailing with lights out. At that moment, its commander Salvatore Todaro makes a decision that was destined to go down in history: to save the 26 shipwrecked Belgians who...

    Guarda The Commander Streaming ITA
  • 2009
    Guarda The Sword with No Name Streaming

    The Sword with No Name (2009)

    The Sword with No Name


    Mu Myeong is a Joseon dynasty headhunter who meets and falls in love with lady Ja Yeong who will become the future Empress Myseongseong. A few years later, Ja Yeong enters the royal palace to marry King Gojong. Mu Myeong still having feelings for Ja Yeong and in an attempt to get closer to her...

    Guarda The Sword with No Name Streaming ITA
  • 2020
    Guarda Miss Marx Streaming

    Miss Marx (2020)

    Miss Marx


    In her public persona, Eleanor “Tussy” Marx was a translator, actress, a children’s rights activist and a persuasive labour organizer, a tireless powerhouse determined to carry on her father’s work. She held her own with twentieth century gods, including both her father and his colleague...

    Guarda Miss Marx Streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Guarda Buya Hamka Vol. 1 Streaming

    Buya Hamka Vol. 1 (2023)

    Buya Hamka Vol. 1


    Discover the life of renowned Muslim scholar Buya Hamka, from his humble West Sumatra origins to his political achievements.

    Guarda Buya Hamka Vol. 1 Streaming ITA
  • 2012
    Guarda Escape Streaming

    Escape (2012)



    Ten years after the Black Death devastated the country, a poor family sets out on a journey to search for better living conditions. In a deserted mountain pass, they are attacked by a gang of ruthless killer thieves. The only one spared is 19 year old Signe. She is taken prisoner, and the gang...

    Guarda Escape Streaming ITA
  • 1955
    Guarda Don Camillo's Last Round Streaming

    Don Camillo's Last Round (1955)

    Don Camillo's Last Round


    Bewildered, Don Camillo learns that Peppone intends to stand for parliament. Determined to thwart his ambitions, the good priest, ignoring the recommendations of the Lord, decides to campaign against him.

    Guarda Don Camillo's Last Round Streaming ITA
  • 2013
    Guarda The Liberator Streaming

    The Liberator (2013)

    The Liberator


    Bolívar was instrumental in Latin America’s struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire, and is today considered one of the most influential politicians and emancipators in American history. Libertador is told from the viewpoint of Bolívar, portrayed by Ramírez, about his quests and...

    Guarda The Liberator Streaming ITA